A long journey

 At the start, Americano is a great 15,000 km hitchhiking trip across North and Central America. An initiatory journey and an adventure of life to discover in this: travel blog.It was once in Costa Rica that a change of means of transportation was decided. This first rollerblading trip consisted of crossing Costa Rica and Panama for more than 500km with a cart. It even had a small name: Monkoa.

Travel video

 This video is a short abstract of was has been this one year and a half journey across the American continent.

A trailer ?

 It's in Costa Rica that everything started. In fact I was tired of hitchhiking. I had to find another way to travel. Having already traveled a good distance by rollerblades with a bag on the back, I removed this option, too heavy. But how?Inspired by a great traveler and with the help of a craftsman and friend, César, we built this first steel rollerblade travel cart. Baptized Monkoa (it must mean "blue wave" in Tongareva) it was equipped with 3 wheels of bicycles and a braking system.

The road

 This card only takes into account the hitchhiking trip. The distance traveled by rollerblading is around 500 km between Costa Rica and Panama.

The blog

 A travel book was kept fairly regularly as the trip. You will find anecdotes, thoughts, tips and many other things, it could inspire ...