Spanish Trip

What is it ?

 A rollerblading trip through Spain with Gaia, a dove. No backpacks, all the equipment is in a bamboo cart equipped with bicycle wheels, brakes and a sail. Learn more. The bike has never really been my thing, I find it boring fast. Or maybe it's because I'm not doing well? So rather than pedaling I preferred to skate. Traveling this way is a dream I had for almost 20 years.


 Initially, a goldfish had been seriously considered to accompany me in the adventure. Gaia arrived as a sign of destiny, as if to avoid a disaster. As a single girl, she was adopted as a baby and soon became part of the family. She learned to fly fast enough but she never really learned to feel the danger. Stubborn but funny, selfish but cute, jovial and faithful, it was both compelling and an incredible help to have her as a traveling companion. She taught me patience, I spent countless hours looking for her or waiting for her to come down from a roof to be able to hit the road again.

Where ?

 The trip started in Barcelona and ended in Tarifa for a distance of 1,500 km. This route was supposed to be the baptism of fire to begin the "real" journey: Skate Africa! In fact, we found ourselves stuck in the Strait of Gibraltar for sanitary reasons against Gaia. I could have hidden her and cross the border but these pretty beaches got me and I decided to stay there. Nobody was waiting for us any further, right? Moreover, I did not want to take the risk of not being able to return to France with Gaia.

Want more ?

 Pour entrer dans les détails de l'aventure je vous invite à lire le blog du voyage :


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The trailer

Light on the rollerblade travel cart.