A few years ago, I made my first trip to rollerblading, at that time I had found almost no information about it. Today past trips and more recent ones are beginning to appear on the internet! It is always more motivating and reassuring to see that we are not completely crazy or completely alone when we want to embark on this kind of adventure. In this second episode I will list long-distance travelers in autonomy that I could find.

Jason Lewis

In the 90s, this adventurer traveled thousands of kilometers in North America (5500 km). His trip came to a halt in Colorado when he was hit by a drunk truck driver. It will still end the adventure after several months of healing. Wiki : Jason Lewis

Yincai Luo

This Chinese traveler is not at his stroke of essays. He made the crossing between China and Tibet in 2011, then made Nepal Nepal in 2014. In 2016 he embarked on a 10,000 km adventure to connect Asia to Europe. He travels with his bag on his back and ski poles. Source : Rollerbalde website

Blade Ventures

In 2016 they make their first test crossing about 600 km in Halle and Copenhagen. At the time of writing this article they are in Latin America, with the latest news on the Andean Cordillera in their great journey of 7,000 km north. These guys are traveling with backpacks, without sticks. Website :

The Bladress

23-year-old Yanise Ho set sail for the United States a few days ago. A theoretical journey of 9,000 km, the specificity of his travels is what part in the adventure without a penny and relies on the generosity of the beautiful souls she meets on her way.She's carrying her gear in her backpack. Website :

Ken Kamashita

In 2010, 63-year-old Ken Kamashita made his way through the United States alone. His goal was to reach Cape Cod, Massachusetts from Santa Monica, California. Almost 5,000 km.The story does not tell if he has managed his bet. He dedicated his crossing to the inhabitants of the USA to salute the support that was brought to Japan after the second world war. With a backpack, Ken also made an ingenious reinforced stick with tire rubber at the base to be able to brake in the decent.Source :

Jake Bestecki

He crossed rollerblading Canada in 2017 for a distance of approximately 7000 km. He dedicated his crossing to the WWF NGO and launched a fundraiser for the same organization. He's wearing his gear in his backpack. Facebook : Jake Bestecki

Bernard Flonquet

The first skate drive fan of this series. The Skate drive, a very ingenious object that I speak about in this article. To return to Bernard, he toured France in 2012 over 2,500 km, his motivation, visit his country. His first trip, still in Skate drive dates back to 2008. Source :

David Tonnelé

Un patineur de Bordeaux fini en 2007 une étape de 2400 km en roller avec un Carrix chargé de 50 kg de bagages. Sur la photo ci-contre David monte à l'Etna.Les chariots Carrix standards à deux roues portent 25 kg. Pour une utilisation roller au-delà de ce poids, la marque adapte un frein à disque pour les descentes. Source : REL

Travel By Blades

In 2013, 500 km test trip between Costa Rica and Panama. Learn more. The second trip of 2016 consisted of crossing Spain from Barcelona to Tarifa (1500 km) in the company of Gaia, a dove. Learn more. These trips took place with the help of two different roller skates, one made of steel and the other made of bamboo. The new trip is being prepared to reach Dakar from Madrid (5,000 km). More information : HERE.

Kate and Loïc

These two French people made several trips including one of 1000 km in France. They travel in pairs with their Skate drive. Their various travels lead them to discover Europe, which allows them to use the greenways a lot. Source :

Yann Arnoux

Aussi appelé Yann Solo, il part en voyage avec son Skate drive depuis 2009. En 2015, on entend parler de son traversée entre Dunkerque et Colmar sur 700km. Avec des distances qui laissent rêveur... 170km pour sont 6ème jour de voyage. En 2014 il avait traversé la France du nord au sud en passant par la Bretagne pour un total de 2 000km. Source :


This stranger was photographed near Anaconda in the United States in 2015. We do not know where he was going. PaPaPammm! He seems to travel with ALOT of equipment. And its wheels rollers do not seem to be larger than the 84. The picture seems old yet it dates from 2015.