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Our goal

This charity action aims to support Senegalese children and adults in the discovery of rollerblading. Thus, we want to offer the opportunity to flourish through this sport for both beginners and promising athletes of the Senegalese Federation of Rollerblading.


Sessions are organized to familiarize apprentices with the practice of rollerblading. > Learn more <


At the end of the sessions the equipment is given to the charity structures in order to continue the action.

How we do it

This action works entirely thanks to the involvement of donor and volunteers. The skates, protections and accessories as well as the money needed to cover the shipment of equipment and logistics costs are collected. Donations will be sent to Senegal to coincide with the end of the rollerblade trip between Madrid and Dakar around February 2019.

By collaborating with Accro Roller, recognized association and active in the world of skating for 15 years now, we will act directly in the field. The action focuses primarily on children and young people in difficulty. That's why we also work with 5 local humanitarian associations (> Learn more <).

Other reliable entities such as the Senegalese Roller Federation and the association Nouvelle Ligne also help us in this adventure.


In conjunction with the appropriate structures, the greatest attention is given to ensuring that materials and courses are offered and delivered to the appropriate public. Donations should be for those who need it most.


Babacar Ndiaye, President ofAccro Roller, passionate about roller skating for more than 35 years. The oldest of West African riders, he has been involved culturally and socially in his community and elsewhere for decades. He is the godfather of this charity project.

Scope of the action

Notre action s’incrit dans three contexts :

1. Interventions in humanitarian structures helping children and young people in difficulty:

2. The occasional neighborhood events invite men, women, teens and children from all walks of life to take part in roller-blading days.

3. The support of athletes of the Senegalese Federation of Rollerblades with PRO material recovered.

Workshop program

These modules will be given to new skaters within charity structures and during neighborhood events.

Presentation of the different disciplines, the protections, put on the rollers, stand up.

Braking, knowing how to fall.

Consolidation and practice, taking care of my skates.

Taking speed, introduction to a specific discipline.